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The chance that an investment will lose value.

how we manage risk

At OverRidge Wealth Advisors, we consider protecting your hard earned savings our greatest priority.  We have prepared to help you achieve your retirement goals by utilizing our own propriety software.  This software is designed to decipher the “noise” and un-emotionally generate actionable intelligence through its trading signals. 

Our software follows trends in three distinct areas: 

1) The Market

2) Credit Stress

3) Economic Health

We use this information to help mitigate market risk by reducing exposure to equities as the trading signals deteriorate.  We design portfolios to meet your specific investment objectives and risk tolerance. 

Is our process perfect?  Admittedly, we say, “No.”   There is no perfect way to predict the market.  However, after decades of managing risk and client portfolios, we have confidence in our trading signals based upon years of historical correlation. We believe the trading signals are PDG*!    

Call us to find out more information about your portfolio exposure to RISK at 817-738-1451 or sign up for our monthly e-newsletter below.