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Investing Is Complicated

This is How We Make It Simpler

We focus primarily on working with individuals and small business owners. Thanks to our personal touch, we have built long-term relationships with our clients through generations and have assisted with the transfer of wealth for children of our clients when desired.

When you work with us, you receive a personal touch at all times that combines a traditional advisor approach with a money manager. This allows us to build our own trading solutions and do our own research for you rather than outsource it to a money manager who could be thousands of miles away from us and you. This comprehensive approach lets our team consistently provide you with the most strategic recommendations to help reach your financial goals for many years to come.


This is our first face-to-face meeting with you. We will ask some questions to learn more about you and your financial goals, needs, comfort level with risk and current portfolio. This conversation will allow us to understand your current position and how it aligns with the financial goals you’ve identified. In this meeting, it’s all about you.

In an effort to help us be prepared as possible, we may ask you to download and complete the form below prior to our first meeting: Click here to download


This meeting focuses on reviewing your current financial situation. We go over balance sheets, cash flow statements, current holdings, etc. to better provide us a preliminary direction specific to your needs.


Because of the complex connections of all aspects of financial planning, in this meeting, we will show you a mind map to help you get a real understanding of your current situation and the steps we will work toward to achieve your life goals. We present you with a plan tailored to you and provide an overview of our process and our trading strategy. Example of a mind map


We take it from here to oversee and manage your assets, you then have access to the client log-in to review your assets any time you want. You can also download our app to have mobile access anywhere you go.


We bring you in for consultation to look back at your performance and any changes that may be needed.