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Market Update

March 2019 Market Update Thumbnail

March 2019 Market Update

U.S. equities continued to defy negative sentiment and sanguine market readings as tepid economic data advanced stocks higher in February. Equities posted their best first two months of the year since 1991, rebounding from the volatile fourth quarter of 2018. Gross domestic product (GDP), the primary measure of U.S. economic growth, expanded at a 2.6% annualized pace for the fourth quarter of 2018. Despite negative sentiment and market turmoil towards the end of the year, consumer spending and business investment continued to gradually expand.

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February 2019 Market Update Thumbnail

February 2019 Market Update

A resilient U.S. economy drove equity markets to the best January in 30 years, propelling stock indices to new year gains which had not been seen since January 1989.

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Market Update January 2019 Thumbnail

Market Update January 2019

Weariness among investors escalated towards the end of 2018 as uncertainty surrounding trade, the Federal Reserve, a government shutdown, and global economic growth lingered into the new year.

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Market Update October 2018 Thumbnail

Market Update October 2018

The Fed raised rates for the third time this year, signaling it was on track for further hikes over the next few months. Rates moved higher across the fixed income spectrum, with the 10-year Treasury bond piercing the 3% mark, a level last reached in May of this year. The Federal Reserve also revised its estimates for GDP growth from 2.8% to 3.1% for 2018, with an eventual slowing to1.8% by 2021.

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Market Update September 2018 Thumbnail

Market Update September 2018

Trade and tariffs continued at the forefront of discussions among the U.S. and international trading partners. Topics at hand included the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), the World Trade Organization (WTO), and protecting U.S. intellectual property rights internationally.

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Market Update August 2018 Thumbnail

Market Update August 2018

Trade concerns affecting equities were overshadowed by rising corporate earnings and improving economic data. U.S. equities ended with gains across all size companies, small to large caps. Small caps have advanced the most year to date, yet large caps outperformed in July. Optimistically, all sectors posted gains in July, with industrials leading. As a reversal from the second quarter, value stocks outperformed growth stocks in July, signaling a rotation to less growth orientated companies.

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