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Market Update

October 2021 Market Update Thumbnail

October 2021 Market Update

A Congressional standoff surrounding raising the debt limit led to increased market volatility as a political debate lingered. Impasses regarding the debt ceiling have occurred numerous times since the limit was established in 1917.

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August 2021 Market Update Thumbnail

August 2021 Market Update

An increase in confirmed Delta variant cases globally reignited concerns about reimplementation of quarantines and social distancing restrictions. The rise in newly verified cases come as European countries had started to relax restrictions in place for nearly a year. In the United States, renewed mandates by the Centers For Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) are being criticized by some and welcome by others.

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June 2021 Market Update Thumbnail

June 2021 Market Update

Financial global markets are draw­ing sup­port from the effectiveness of ongoing vaccinations and improving economic indicators. Consumer sentiment is re-evolving, resulting in rising consumer demand as pandemic worries wane. Pent up demand from the past year is thought to be driving the bulk of economic activity.

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November 2020 Market Update Thumbnail

November 2020 Market Update

With the election over, a lingering uncertainty has been removed as expectations of how fiscal policy and stimulus programs funded by government debt may evolve. Some economists and market analysts project eventual higher taxes along with an expanding fiscal deficit.

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October 2020 Market Update Thumbnail

October 2020 Market Update

Worries regarding a second wave of infections heading into the fall, election uncertainties, and wavering economic indicators contributed to a dubious September.

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