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Market Update


May 2022 Market Update Thumbnail

May 2022 Market Update

The most recent inflation data released revealed an 8.5% annual increase, yet came in below what many analysts had expected. A consensus is forming, among economists and analysts, that inflation may be peaking. The hope is that the Fed may ease its rapid rate rise trajectory should inflation actually be slowing.

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2022 February Market Update Thumbnail

2022 February Market Update

Market dynamics are shifting as the Federal Reserve outlines its execution of ending monetary stimulus in order to squash inflationary pressures.

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January 2022 Market Update Thumbnail

January 2022 Market Update

A year after Covid-19 changed the course of travel, socialization, and financial markets, 2021 witnessed a much quicker rebound than had been anticipated. The equity market upswing caught many by surprise as it was not anticipated.

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November 2021 Market Update Thumbnail

November 2021 Market Update

Severe labor shortages and supply chain disruptions continue to hamper industries throughout the country, elevating inflationary pressures for millions of Americans.

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October 2021 Market Update Thumbnail

October 2021 Market Update

A Congressional standoff surrounding raising the debt limit led to increased market volatility as a political debate lingered. Impasses regarding the debt ceiling have occurred numerous times since the limit was established in 1917.

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