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To leave a legacy is the need or desire to be remembered for what you have contributed to the world. 

leaving a legacy

At OverRidge Wealth Advisors, we consider planning to help you leave a legacy as one of our greatest joys.  We strive to understand all your financial and legacy goals.  Through candid and personal conversations, we learn how you want to impact those left behind.  Family members will cherish each tradition and memory that you have imparted to them.  If you also plan to leave funds for a grandchild’s college education, monies for the most memorable family vacation or impacting your favorite charity with a donation, these actions will enhance your legacy.  

We believe in leveraging technology to help our clients achieve their financial and legacy goals. We've developed our own proprietary software to help decipher the "emotional" and endless new cycle by generating "unemotional" trading signals to scale in and out of the market.  We believe the only way you can ever make money in the stock market is to actually be invested in the stock market.  However, when market conditions change, it's important to have a sell discipline.

Come meet with us to discuss the legacy you would like to leave by scheduling an appointment at 817-738-1451 or sign up for our monthly e-newsletter below.