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Clay Cockrum

Research Analyst

Clay, a recent graduate from Texas Tech University with a bachelor’s degree in Personal Financial Planning, joined OverRidge in January 2024. Inspired by his late grandfather's foresight in setting up a trust for his college fund and dedicated to hard work as shown through achieving the rank of Eagle Scout at the age of fifteen, Clay is determined to pay it forward by helping others with their investments as an advisor.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Clay finds joy in the company of friends, family, and his four canine companions: Bleu, Rocky, Pepper, and Waylon. When not immersed in professional endeavors and dog duties are complete, he enjoys hunting, honing his golf game, engaging in card games, reading, trivia challenges, and music. Adding a touch of green to his life, Clay's passion extends to his garden, where peppers and cacti flourish, showcasing his enthusiasm for horticulture. A culinary connoisseur, Clay takes pride in surprising and delighting the pallets of his loved ones, showcasing his gift for experimenting with flavors.